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What is GetDigest Business

GetDigest installation is quick and easy!
The software is set up on one of your virtual servers, connected to the employees through Active Directory, and then every employee can create GetDigest!

What is the difference to GetDigest DOC and GetDigest Business

  • Time saving while reading the text and understanding the central idea
  • A more comprehensive analysis of the documents
  • Efficient way to extract the most important data
  • Processing a larger amount of information during the working day
  • Increase efficiency when dealing with websites
  • Possibility to return to one of the previous documents
  • Possibility to make personal notes
  • Personal settings for displaying Digest

GetDigest Enterprise: Summary at the touch of a button!

Summarizing every document within seconds – is no longer a dream!
Thanks to our technology based on AI, all text formats can be summarized in over 360 languages!

GetDigest Enterprise offers your company an innovative way to summarize information in seconds in order to make quick decisions. Be it contracts, product information or simply emails, with GetDigest you have an intelligent tool at your disposal!

GetDigest is based on the new AI technology, but with a mature experience in over 20 years of research! GetDigest is able to summarize the information in such a way that the core message and the meaning are not lost!
Ultra fast
In only 5 seconds, GetDigest Enterprise analyzes and creates a summary in any percentage size of a document of 100 pages!
Format diversity
GetDigest allows you to summarize any number of files that are located on your computer. In addition to the usual text, most of the known formats are also supported, e.g. Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Open Office (.odp, .odt, .sxw), .rtf, .htm, .xml.

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System requirements:
Windows Server 2012R2 or higher with:

  • 1 core processor
  • RAM: 4 Gb (2 Gb for Tika installation)

Use the installer (which we will send you) to install the GetDigest server page

Pricing per license:

number of users
Per month, CHF
Per year, CHF
10 - 50 users
51 - 100 users
101 - 250 users
251 - 500 users
From 500 users
On demand
On demand

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