* The GetDigest Add-on service is concerned about the security of your personal information. We therefore offer Digest functions only for sites that are open to the public and do not require the disclosure of your personal data such as user name, password, email address etc.

How to use GetDigest Add-on?

How to use GetDigest Add‑on?


Download and install the extension for your browser (we currently support Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browser).


Open a web page in your browser and click the button on the toolbar to access the GetDigest feature.


Get an overview of the most important information on the page, experiment with settings to get the best result.

Try additional features:

  • Open the digest in a new tab
  • Copy the digest to clipboard
  • Save the digest in text format to be able to use it later
  • Share the GetDigest link with your friends and colleagues

Our application is very easy to install and easy to use!

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The GetDigest extension service currently works in beta mode. We further refine and improve our service and would be happy to receive your comments, suggestions and feedback via email.

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