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What is GetDigest?

Information plays the key role in today’s world. Text is one of the most widespread forms of it. However, the constant growth of information amounts makes it difficult to analyze and review it. It causes the following problems:

  • For searching the necessary information, each text document needs processing – reading;
  • Processing text documents takes a lot of time, and it does not guarantee a positive result (the processed document may not contain the necessary information);
  • Text information may be arranged not comfortably for perception.

This online-demo would give a brief explanation of what GetDigest can do for you. Paste any text into the left-hand field and get a summary text on the right-hand field (quite long text is obviously recommended). You can also choose or simply drag any text file to be used as source.

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Please note!
This is just a simple demo of how GetDigest is able to process the text and it has some limitations. The full version of GetDigest plugin for MS Word got no limitations and proposes a number of options to adjust your digests.
You may buy the full version right now (USD25) or try it for free for 30 days.

GetDigest Doc is a specially designed plugin for extending the usual interface with special features for minimizing text information amounts needed for documents review. It will become a reliable and useful assistant in everyday work.

GetDigest Doc extracts the most meaningful fragments and objects from your texts:

  • Important sentences (formingsummary);
  • Keywords which help to understand the subject of the text in a few seconds;

GetDigest Doc structures the source information. After the extraction of the objects listed above, they are arranged in a comfortable form for perception and usage.
Regardless of what we have to deal with – a report, an article, an agenda or a business letter, GetDigest Doc will help to get a summary of the document just in a few seconds, and will save a lot of time for reviewing its contents.

Why should you choose Digest?

GetDigest Doc allows:

  • Shortening the time for reading and understanding the main idea of the document text;
  • Quick jump to the necessary part of the text (navigation with the help of summary and keywords cloud);
  • Highlighting the most meaningful sentences and keywords in text;
  • Analyzing each document more fully;
  • Getting effective tools for extracting the most important information.

GetDigest Doc will automatically make a summary and select keywords for each document opened in MS Word. Moreover, GetDigest Doc will keep these elements actual whatever text changes are made. GetDigest Doc can process texts in different languages.

Reduces time for reading and thinking about text

Encourages the analysis of each document

Provides an efficient means of extracting the most important data

Allows you to process a larger amount of information during the working day

How does it work?

Digest "reads" the documents you're uploading and makes some analytical work based on the special algorithms. After the analysis of the text is done you're able to see the essence of the document as well as the key words of the text.

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What does Digest look like?

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